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2 definitions by His Majesty, The Quickness

Adjective (slang)-
A reference to something (or someone) that exists in a state of preposterous insanity. Defies even comical logic. Something that makes you think, 'WTF, is everyone going freaking crazy?'
Bob: Have you seen our friend Jenny's epic new full-back tattoo?

Sue: No, what is it?

Bob: It's a picture of Sarah Palin riding an Orca and brandishing an assault rifle while wearing a bikini made from wool shorn from Alaskan mountain sheep which had been previously injected from a helicopter via dart gun rounds infused with little bits of Ronald Reagan's DNA, while she also hoists a "Don't tread on me" Flag and a massive white cross that glows against the winter sun shining off her sexy, librarian rimmed eye-glasses.

Sue: Oh my, our friend Jenny and her new tattoo are very ridiculoco.
by His Majesty, The Quickness March 26, 2011
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An advanced state of fear or uneasiness about the future or a future event that leaves one with irritable bowel syndrom; beyond trepidation.
Bob: The regional manager wants me to put in for this promotion and sadly, I think I'm likely to get the job.

Sue: That's great news, right? You don't sound too pleased.

Bob: Well, the pay is much better but I'll have to manage a bunch of slackers that all hate me. I was so nervous about it today that I sharted myself.

Sue: Bummer, it sounds like you are harboring some serious crapidation over the whole thing.
by His Majesty, The Quickness August 04, 2010
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