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1 definition by His Holiness, Constantine Vidal

The just and reasonable critisism of the unelected 'president' for reasons which are also relevant. Included are a number of equally true allegations such as:
1.) that he resembeles a chimp
2.) that he is a retard
3.) That he should keep church and state separate and stop fucking around
4.) That he choked on a pretzel (I mean, he choked on a fucking pretzel, dear God!)
5.)That he is a mindless thrall of corporate interests.
6.)and let us not forget, that he got out of vietnam, was given a college education, and was given a firm footing in politics due entirely to his fathers influence, as well as his own pathetic maleability.
That motherfucker cut my medicaid!
by His Holiness, Constantine Vidal August 29, 2005