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4 definitions by His Dudeness

Slang for Pigeon. Coined by a native Chicagoan
If that Ghetto Chicken doesn't get off my window sill I'm going to kick em right in his feathered ass!
by His dudeness March 24, 2005
(N) A cracked-out homeless girl you wouldn't dare take home to meet your momma. The fatter version is the slam pig.
You nailed a slum chick! Man, you've hit a new low!
by His Dudeness March 25, 2005
Comes from South African slang-
A Mothers genitalia
"Go fuck yo Masa Puss!!!"

or simply:"Yo Masa Puss!!!"
by His Dudeness February 21, 2005
Coming from Jamaican urban slang-
meaning the dried menstruation blood on/in/of a female genitalia
Hey, you piece of bombaclad!

Usualy used with the word batti-boy
by His Dudeness February 21, 2005