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3 definitions by His Bud

1) Describes a female’s ass, while standing, you could set a beer can on it. Generally found on Afro-American women. Although their asses are nice, a beercan is rarly found on white, hispanic, or asian women.

2) The obvious - a can used to hold a fermented liquid made of hops and barley.
Look at the beercan on her!
by His Bud March 11, 2006
1) A woman that has birthed two or more children that are less than 12 months apart.

2) A woman that marries a guy and conceives relatively, imediately - generally on the honeymoon.
My bud, you married a cranker.
by His Bud March 11, 2006
1) Any orifice on a woman.
2) Any orifice on a male homosexual.
Hi Mark, have you met my cum receptacle?

Suck it you little cum receptacle!
by His Bud March 11, 2006