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Terrible "reality show" on MTV. Usually concerns a ho/cheerleader who gets knocked up by an Eminem wannabe/moron usually called Chad, Ryan or Jared. They give out about how *more* ruined their lives are now that they have been stupid enough to spawn brats.

Wear condoms for crying out loud!!

It depresses me that these people breed.

I remember when MTV used to do music videos.
Today on 16 and pregnant, more white trash getting knocked up by white trash.
by Hirsute1 August 26, 2010
A motivational speaker on the Maury Show. He is known for his tank tops and huge biceps. Tackles out of control teens or scumbags that beat their wives.

Author of the bestselling self-help book "Shut the Fuck up or I'm Gonna Fuckin Kill You"
Teen -"I had sex with 400 guys, I hit my momma cos she stoopid, you dont understand me, you all haters"


Teen - *sob sob sob* "Yes Sir"
by Hirsute1 March 16, 2010
A combination of bullshitting and brainstorming. Throwing down words/paragraphs on a page in no particular order, so you can try making sense of them later.
I've been bullstorming that thesis idea all week and I'm still getting nowhere.
by Hirsute1 February 08, 2010

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