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3 definitions by Hirork

The decade of the years 2010-2019 similar in name to previous decades such as the twenties, thirties, etc. Named the X-ties because by roman numerals:
2010: MMX
2011: MMXI
2012: MMXII
2013: MMXIII
2014: MMXIV
2015: MMXV
2016: MMXVI
2017: MMXVII
2019: MMXIX
The X-ties look to be just as eventfull as the Noughties
by Hirork July 02, 2010
An alter ego that only surfaces when you are drunk.
Alex: Wow James sure was acting weird last night.

Henry: Yeah I know that was his alco-ego.
by Hirork January 25, 2010
A society who is governed by officials voted for by Nerds.
Okay guys I know this is a Nerdocracy but you can't vote for Bender. Futurama isn't reality and even if it was he won't be exist for about 1000 Years.
by Hirork August 17, 2011