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A sub-group that attempts to show intellectual strength and independent thinking by expressing leftist or "counter-caplist" ideas which often conflicts their practices. Hipsters claim to want a world where people should be more independent and free thinking yet they create trends and social rules that they expect others in their subculture to follow. They criticize main stream society for not indulging in such fads.
Hipsters are known for their patronizing attitudes and their tendency to intrude or snub on other peoples life choices.
(Something like happened once)
Sussy Soap: I love your jacket where did you get it?
Me: My mom got them for me as a gift while traveling
Sussy Soap: Oh it looks quite expensive how much was it?
Me: I don't know but they were made in Italy, and made from a really good kind of leather, my mother said it was half price
Aaliyah de Hipster: I PERSONALLY don't understand why people buy overpriced designer items and leather too, don't you know what that animal went though?
Me: Actually it was €200 own from €400 and she got it in Germany from a store that stocks leather goods made by local company. That company won awards and all so I know it will last for years.
Aaliyah de Hipster: Yaw, I got this jacket in a trift store it made in Italy for €30
Me: Italian Leather?

Aaliyah de Hipster: Maybe, anyway it was second hand loike, still don't see why you paid €200
Sussy Soap: Oh Shut up Aaiyah, your just jealous!
by Hipsterphobe May 07, 2013

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