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A person whom smokes the wild Sheba, Can wait all week for a CCR concert and/or Woodstock, doesn't bathe alot and mooches off the most. Hippies are cool but the modern day Hippie is different from the 60-80's hippie because there are rarely anymore hippies of the 60-80's anymore whom still do what they do now a days a person who smokes weed and listens to music in now a rapper or poser or just a straight up gangster.The modern day hippie is working its best but will hopefully move on to the greater thins. Modern hippies, metal heads, head bangers, EMO's, Goth's, and the many more have all evolved from the hippie we used to know and love. Hippies have long since been extinct but there is still hope in the next generation of hippies. ROCK N' ROLL !!!!
John Fogerty, All of CCR, and Al Gore Basically people whom well who am I kidding you'll know if your a hippie or if someone else is.
by Hippie-Dude April 02, 2007
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