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Jason is the most AWESOME person to have EVER walked the face of this planet. Not even Jesus or Chuck Norris are as awesome as this guy. In fact, no one can be compared to a Jason. He is the King of Kings, and has the most AWESOME face you'll EVER see. He is hysterically funny, kind, loyal, caring and an amazing friend! And although his taste in music may seem gay at times, it's not really a problem:) People want to be just like him, but because that is highly impossible, they have to just settle for being his mate. Jason's get along really well with Nicole's, they are usually best mates, and have an amazing connection. And because of this, Nicole get's the title of being the second most AWESOME person to EVER walk the face of this planet:) if you don't know a Jason then you better start searching for one, because nobodys life is complete without a Jason in it:)
Random Person: "Wow! Who is that AWESOME guy?!"

Me: "Oh that's Jason. The most AWESOME guy EVER!"

Random Person: "Oh my wordy! He is sooooo AWESOME, you can just see it in his face and in the way that he stares. He has suuuch a Jason face."
by Hippie Princess December 26, 2011

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