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Nigger Ape

A word used to accurately describe a beast "ape like" creature that somehow got the idea that its a person too.

Entire generations of Nigger Ape’s are currently on display at most correctional facility's throughout the United States.

Also large displays of Nigger Ape’s can be seen in large city's like Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago & New York, located in the poor sections of town. Easily identifiable by Crack Houses, Prostitution, Crime, Drugs, Shootings, and Nigger Ape's hanging out in gangs, also neighborhood's that are run down or government funded that the Nigger Ape’s have no pride in, and destroy with great pride. "to leave a trade mark" of sorts.

Nigger Ape’s that are only half Nigger Ape are generally smarter than true Nigger Ape’s that are 100% Nigger Ape . As a rule, the darker the Nigger Ape, the lower the inelegance level.

Look at that NIGGER APE run with that TV
Look at that NIGGER APE steal that car
Look at that NIGGER APE sell that crack
Look at that NIGGER APE get busted by the police
Look at that NIGGER APE ho sell herself for $20.00
Look at that NIGGER APE rapper rap about how bad NIGGERS are
Look at that NIGGER APE blame white people for his poor life style
Look at that NIGGER APE in prison
Look at that NIGGER APE kill his fellow NIGGER APE ‘S over drugs
Look at that NIGGER APE join a gang and go to prison

by Hip Hop Sucks February 08, 2008

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