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Usually are Rock fans who say Hip Hop is ONLY about the "Rims, money, women" shit. They act like they know Hip Hop when they don't have the slightest fucking clue. They seem to be surprised when we get offended by the materialistic stereotypes, but whenever us Hip Hop heads bring up all the satanic/suicidal messages in Rock, they get offended and say that that's not all Rock's about, yet they don't take the time of day to realize all Hip Hop isn't about certain things.
(Conversation between Hip Hop Haters and Hip Hop fans)
(Hip Hop Hater)Rock Listener: Yeah man, all Hip Hop is about Money and bitches.
(Hip Hop Fan) Hip Hop Head: So you've listened to Brother Ali?
Rock Listener: Who?
Hip Hop Head: Exactly. Shut your fucking mouth.
by Hip Hop 4ever September 21, 2007

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