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A Canadian show that follows up the original 80's Series, Degrassi Junior High. Some nicknames for this show are: DTNG; D:TNG; and sometimes just plain Degrassi. In Canada, it is aired on CTV, while in the US, it is aired on The-N (Also known as Noggin). This show takes place a Degrassi Community School in Canada, and talks about teenage issues such as: sexuality, abusive relationships, abusive families, cutting, drugs, and more. The show started airing in 2001, and is currently airing and filming.

However, due to these very dramatic teenage issues, The N has editted some small changes that CTV hasn't:
1) In "Whisper to a Scream", they did not show Ellie cutting her arm.
2) Craig sniffing coke in front of Manny
3) Manny's thong in "U Got The Look" was lowered so it didn't show as much
4) JT getting stabbed, and blood running down his shirt

The N has recently aired "Accidents Will Happen", which was never aired on The N until the "Every episode Ever" marathon, due to the plot, which involves abortion. Many Americans were outraged, but now they air it regularly.
Degrassi: The Next Generation is one of the most awesome shows I've ever watched before!
by Hillary! February 02, 2007
A series written by Lisi Harrison. Some of the books (in the order in they were published) are:
1) The Clique
2) Best Friends For Never
3) Revenge of the Wannabes
4) Invasion of the Boy Snatchers
5) The Pretty Committee Strikes Back
6) Dial L For Loser
7) It's Not Easy Being Mean

The series is about the Pretty Committee, a clique formed by Massie Block. This clique includes:
1) Massie Block - Miss "Queen Bee". Very rich and loves to have everything her way.
2) Alicia Rivera - The "Spanish Beauty". Prettiest Girl at OCD. Massie's "beta", or "second-in-hand".
3) Claire Lyons - A total loser. Massie mocks her sometimes, but they are very good friends and Massie teaches Claire how to be Pretty Committee material.
4) Dylan Marvil - Daughter of Merri-Lee Marvil, who has a talkshow called "The Daily Grind". Obsessed with losing weight, even though she's already skinny.
5) Kristen Gregory - Blonde, smart, and athletic. Super-strict parents, and hid the fact that she's poor until the third book, Revenge of the Wannabes.

These girls rule OCD, and have everything their way. They are all rich (except for Kristen) and wear everything designer.
The Clique Series is a kick ass book series!
by Hillary! February 02, 2007
Often mistaken for preps. They HAVE to wear things that cost at least $200, and EVERYTHING they own is designer. Material Girls are EXTREMELY rich, and don't know anything about life. They don't care about school, and only have "rich" friends. They want EVERYONE to envy them, especially their million dollar Louis Vuitton purses.
Material Girls are rich and spoiled.
by Hillary! January 03, 2007
Similar to prep. They have a lot of friends, and everyone (or at least most people) knows them. Luckily, they are not as mad and snotty as preps are. Most of them are very nice.

Typical Wardrobe - Same as everyone else: Abercrombie, Hollister, AE, and Aero. They also sometimes shop at other stores, like Wet Seal or H&M.
Omigod, here come the popular girls, surrounded by people.
by Hillary! January 03, 2007

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