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A Japanese female name, sometimes reserved for people who randomly succumb to urges to make life surreal and who are often unpredictable. This is usually hilarious, but sometimes it can go very, very wrong.
"So, what are your qualifications" - a recruiter for Cosmosoft, some made-up company Chie doesn't care for.

Chie has a distant look on her face "I was once part of the Kajin tribe. I didn't have all the little trinkets I do now, but life was simple, a lot less hectic than it is today. But slowly my people started to die out.

I don't know what it was. It could have been radiation, poisoning, or anything. But I had the suspicion that they were murdered. I just knew someone had poisoned our river.

So I did some reconnaissance. I walked upstream for days, and eventually I found men in white coats dumping strange liquids in the water.

"Stop!" I couldn't help but yell. They saw me, and they started running towards me. I ran like hell.

They might have scared me, but they were slow and new to the area. I knew I had an advantage, and I knew what had to be done.

After getting a closer look at their mangled corpses, I noticed the logo, "Cosmosoft"."

*walks away
by HillMugger February 19, 2013

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