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the best place on earth to get blased!!!

tons of kill for cheap, where everyone is cool as long as your cool with them

beatiful scenery, and full of hippies, but thats what makes it home.

just watch out for Eureka, and Mckinleyville, those towns suck ass, but anywhere else is awesome
dont give me that bammer shit
i need that shit from humboldt county
by Hilarious Darius August 22, 2006
your schools group of sloots that get with every guy you know at one point throughout the year, generally underclassmen wanting attention from older dudes
<darius> we need some bitches dude this shits mad sausage...

<thomas> call up the team!!!!!!

<wes> team sloot!!
by Hilarious Darius August 23, 2006
chuff means one thing, and that is to smoke weed, i dunno what the hell all these other people are talking about.
lets chuff hella bowlssss!
by Hilarious Darius August 23, 2006
Good Marijuana or Hash, or THC products such as brownies, rice krispie squares, ice cream, cookies, anything that is or consists of the high grade mon
stoner 1: dude i got some fucking kill

stoner 2: oh really, hmm, you should let me have a scope sesh

stoner 1: ya dude its the crucial, pinch this nugget..

stoner 2: yea thats definately the croosh noosh, how about you gimme a bong hit?

by Hilarious Darius August 22, 2006

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