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Someone who has no regard for anyone. They are completely oblivious to anything that does not directly involve them. This term is usually applied to women, but can be used on the right man. This term sounds quasi-dirty which makes it safe to use in the work place without offending your co-workers.
"Look at that chick! Why won't she get out of the way? She can totally see that I wanna park there! MOVE IT, PINK BAG!"
by HilSug October 25, 2009
A Boss who, because of constant and severe insubordination, may become depressed and/or unable to take any independent action that would allow him or her to fire the abusing employee. The condition explains why abused bosses may not seek assistance from others, fire their abusers, or leave the abusive situation. Sufferers may have low self-esteem, and are often led to believe that the insubordination is their fault.
Agnes and Marion took a steaming dump on Mr. Smith's desk because he asked them to write out their daily schedules. Because of constant insubordination for years, when Mr. Smith saw the warm turds, he stated, "This is my fault. They've been working SOOOO hard. At least they didn't poop on my chair." Little did he know....indeed they had shat his chair. Mr. Smith was suffering from Battered Boss Syndrome. :(
by HilSug July 09, 2010
"Chum Bucket" (n) a bucket of bloody fish innards or a disgusting individual who is caught btw being a "dumpster fire" and a "douche lord".
Hey, chum bucket, stop posting/bragging about how awesome your lazy life is and do something valuable!
by HilSug August 18, 2014

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