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Often called "CAB" for short, the concerned adult brigade is any group of equally disgruntled people (usually 35 or older) united together for an absurd and often unnecessary cause. These are the people who run neighborhood watches, regularly attend PTA meetings, deem things "inappropriate", complain to authority figures, overreact on issues, chaperone parties, file noise complaints, call parents, actually check movie and game ratings, work at the FCC, and generally meddle in the affairs of the youth.

Members of the concerned adult brigade come in many forms though are recognizable by their running-for-senator hairstyles and "sensible" shoes. Almost always women.
Girl #1: "So I watched sesame street yesterday for no reason. I thought you said Katy Perry was gonna be on it!?"

Girl #2: "Ugh, she was! But the Concerned Adult Brigade saw her outfit and started bitching. So they pulled the episode off the air."
by Hikarichan16 March 04, 2011

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