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Pussy you only read about in stories (also see Big foot pussy
Guy 1: "Hey bro, i hooked up with Sara last night, im talking bomb ass pussy right there!!"

Guy 2: "Dude, there is no WAY you hit that last night, that shit is unicorn pussy, you have no chance!!
by Hijo De Ricardo November 30, 2010
Pussy that was not intended for you, but attained none the less, by being in the right place at the right time.
Guy 1: "Wow, i was wasted last night. How in the hell did I end up with sara in my bed??"

Guy 2: "Shit, I'll tell you how, she came over for me but I passed out on the couch."

Guy 1: "Oh yeah thats right, there was no one else awake. Damn, i love getting hit with collateral damage pussy!"
by Hijo De Ricardo December 05, 2010
Pussy that is seen but never caught
Guy 1: "Man, has anyone hit that yet?"

Guy 2: "No way bro, everyones chasing her, but thats one elusive female. She may as well be tall, hairy, and found in the woods somewhere, thats big foot pussy right there."
by Hijo De Ricardo December 05, 2010

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