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When you greet somebody, say "Ah Ba!", raising the tone of "Ba" to express that you're glad to see the person.

Ah BA! is generally shouted out loud, because basically you don't give a shit about who's around you because the chances are they haven't a clue what you're on about, but the person you're saying it to already knows what it means..
"Ah Ba" can be said in any tone, generally to show how you're feeling, which is followed up with "What's wrong with you Ba?" or "Story Ba?"

To explain to somebody how hungover you are, just say "ah.. ba..." in a really tired tone, just to show how fucked you are.
by Highonsnow April 16, 2007
A hot girl that has become pregnant but you'd still like to jump her bones.. Pre Milf
Lets go hunt for Pre Milfs shall we?
by Highonsnow October 02, 2008
When someone is delirious from diarrhoea and you're questioning the person, as in "are you serious?", except, the person is suffering from a serious bout of diarrhoea and so they're delirious from the whole episode and not thinking straight.
oh my god, is she diarrhorerious!?
by Highonsnow April 17, 2009
Goitre of the foot
She has a serious case of the foitre after she sprained her ankle trying to impress a lad during the week
by Highonsnow December 05, 2014
A word used to describe the followers you have on Twitter. As opposed to a readership, you have your tweetership.
You've got a massive tweetership following you..!

If only I had such a vast tweetership, people would make my tweets far more viral.
by Highonsnow February 23, 2011
To f'ook is to leave a Facebook message on someone's Facebook Profile Wall.

To f'ook someone is to Facebook them (abbreviation), but cheekily suggests you also did something different to them, although you can stand to correct the person if they question what you said.
I f'ooked Sarah last night.. still waiting for her to get back to me though.

I'll f'ook ya later when I get a spare minute ok?
by Highonsnow August 03, 2010
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