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a nickname for Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana
What the heck is there to do in Indiananoplace?
by Highlyopinionated February 18, 2012
An unfortunate name for a black girl. It actually exists. The parent might have thought of the name Trina, but decided to make it more African-American by adding "La" in front. Also, the parent was too stupid to realize that it sounds like the word latrine, and that the girl might be teased. A true burden for a teacher calling roll or a restaurant hostess calling names, who will have to keep from laughing.
Brian, who works at the motor vehicles department in his state, is telling his friend Chris about his day at work.

Brian: "Today I had to administer a driving test to a girl named Latrina."
Chris: "How could you keep from losing it? Did she pass?"
Brian: "It wasn't easy to keep a straight face. Yeah, she passed. Thankfully. I couldn't put another drive test examiner through THAT!"
by highlyopinionated May 31, 2013
The way many black people begin sentences. It's short for "I'm going to."
"Ama kick yo' ass."
"Ama buy me a Cadillac wid some rims."
"Ama find me a new crib."
by highlyopinionated May 21, 2013
One seriously ghetto first name for a black female, and very common to boot, though the one that usually rises to the top is Shaniqua. Lashonda has all the required ingredients in constructing a black female's name: (1) the "La" up front, (2) the "anda/onda" at the end, and (3) a "sh" sound somewhere in there. Often sassier, louder, and more annoying than black girls who have "normal" names.
"You can go to a fast food joint and get decent service from the white girls. Then, when they start hiring Lashondas, those chicks will throw some attitude your way, mess up your order, and might not even give you back the correct change."
by highlyopinionated May 13, 2013

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