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Noun. A college in Troy, NY noted for its distinct lack of females (less than 25% of the student body), hellish classes, and Hockey Team.
I went to RPI and didn't get any action for four years!
by Highlander September 03, 2003
Short for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Screw - A screw that goes in no matter which way you turn it. Every student who has ever gone to RPI has felt its effects once (usually more than once).
Bend over, here comes the `Tute Screw once again!
by Highlander September 19, 2003
Quite a cool place with the best weed in the world, pity about the rock spiders and kaffirs though. Higher interest rates than europe but risky investing there as there are many con men/women.
Malawi Cobs are freely available in South Africa
by Highlander October 09, 2005

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