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The term used when trying to relive a past epic eating event involving the large consumption of meat.
We should totally remeat at that Brazilian steakhouse for carnivore night!
by High Priest of Rock April 21, 2011
Fluttering of and or the very light touch of one’s testicles on someone's skin so lightly they feel a tickling sensation.
Wanna experiment with something I learned on Urban Dictionary today?!
Sweet! I can't wait for you to feel my Nutterfly Kisses!
by High Priest of Rock November 08, 2014
A project management term that pushes for a goal or milestone to be completed on a certain date but key stakeholders are not made aware of this date, the deliverables, or any logical reason why this date was chosen. A Whisper Date usually sets unrealistic expectations that results in people pulling off miracle work to save the ass of the "Whisper Dater".
"Ann are you okay?"

"Chuck presented to the management team this morning and set a 'Whisper Date' of completion for THIS Tuesday without informing the Engineering Team..."

"You know what they say, 'Let it be written... let it be done..'"

"Time to pull off some miracles!"
by High Priest of Rock August 01, 2014
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