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An exclamation, like Holy Shit, or Holy Crap, usually spoken to express surprise, pain, pleasure, etc.
Beth checked her ticket and exclaimed, "Holy Snapping Assholes! I just won the lottery!"

John hit his thumb with a hammer and shouted, "Holy Snapping Assholes, that hurt!"

by Hiccup August 02, 2006
Someone who enjoys licking and/or tonguing their sex partner's anus.
Tom asked Shannon to tongue his asshole, and she said, "Sorry, I don't do windows".

First I washed her window, then I monkey punched her.

She was a first class window washer, so I gave her a tip.
by Hiccup July 21, 2006
You wouldn't want to mess with a Devin Ringland, if you do you just might be attacked with sarcasm and witty comments. Do him right and he is the most wonderful person ever. Loyal and far too nice. Someone you can count on and always has your back just don't be stupid or you will receive a stupid response but if your stupid together then laughs are going to come your way. To keep a Devin Ringland in your life do all the amazing things he does in return and you just might have a wonderful friendship out of it.
Devin Ringland look at that hippo

You see Devin Ringland right there? Ya if you mess with him watch out for his sarcasm
by hiccup July 18, 2012
Derrogatory term for a man who is sleazy, low-class, cheap, dirty and nasty, whose deluded attempts at vanity just make him look vulgar, lewd, unhealthy and totally unappealing.

The male version of skanky.
Beth said, "I wouldn't date that guy if he were the last man on earth. He is so manky!"

by Hiccup August 02, 2006

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