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This is the true version.
A group of guys sit around a cookie, (preferably large cookie) and they all jack off on the cookie. The last one to jizz on the cookie has to eat it.
Nookie Cookie is a good game for the premature ejaculators.
by Hiawatha October 24, 2006
putting a cucumber up a girls pussy or butt and then snapping it off, leaving half of the cucumber up their hole.
I gave Rachel the cucumber slumber last night.
by Hiawatha October 22, 2006
while recieving oral, you let a big fart go right in their face.
I gave Rachel the windy city rumbler, after I gave her the cucumber slumber.
by Hiawatha October 22, 2006
When someone is giving you head, you pull out right before you cum and you go all over their eyebrows. This makes their eyebrows white like an old man.
Smo loves having the Old Man's Eyebrows so much that constantly sucks guys off so he will always have them.
by Hiawatha November 10, 2006
when you fist a girl so hard she gets a blister on her vagina which you call a fister blister
Sarah was being a bitch so I gave her the fister blister
by Hiawatha November 11, 2006
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