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Dr. John Zoidberg on the show Futurama. He is the Planet Express doctor. He likes acceptance and scavenging. He hates love rivals and invertebrates. He's a crustacean.
Zoidberg: What do I smell or something? sniffs armpit sighs
by hhhh November 11, 2003
One of the best funniest shows ever made. One in a pack with Family Guy, The Simpsons, and King Of The Hill.
Futurama kicks ass as we all should watch it.
by hhhh November 11, 2003
A really good thing.
I jackoff to porn.
by hhhh December 05, 2003
1. Procreation

2. Changing emotional state in which it is impossible to find lasting satisfaction.
Life's a bitch and then you die
by hhhh June 02, 2004
A guy who likes santa porn.
Dragonslayer likes santa porn! OMG!
by hhhh December 05, 2003
Hhhh - A sigh of disgust,dismay, slight annoyance etc.
Hhhh...Are you fucking serious?
by Hhhh June 04, 2012
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