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Rubbing one's testicles on a cheese grater over partner's face while partner beats off (this can also be performed over a glass-top table a la the Hot Plate Special)
"New Year's Eve is the best time for a good Faerie Dusting. That way you can start the new year with painful genital stitching."
by Hezbollatte July 10, 2008
While being anally penetrated with a Roman Candle, the catcher beats off and inserts penis into a live lamp socket at the moment of ejaculation. The consequent electrical explosion ignites Roman Candle.
"You got any burn cream for my hands? I was Mighty Thor-in' it all weekend."
by Hezbollatte July 10, 2008
The act of anal fisting while wearing the scrotum like a bracelet (scrotums can be perforated over time with nasty piercing techniques)
"I just don't feel right delivering the fist without the Devil's Handbag -- you think maybe you could knock a hole in there for me?"
by Hezbollatte July 10, 2008

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