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an excessively hairy female vagina
J. Lo has a monster box.
by Heywood Jablowme November 03, 2003
Something that is sweet or an action that was amazing
Holy shit man, that was Zyka!
by Heywood Jablowme October 28, 2004
Derived From Guanzon. To be a peter guanzon. See Peter Or To make lesser of.
Guan Corp, Guan Guan, Guan Do, Guanaholic, Guallar, Guarter. ** 1: you owe me a guallar 2: K so you mean you owe me a trillion dollars ? 1: aww. crap.
by Heywood Jablowme December 09, 2004
Simply a Tease.
There is this girl I know, Callalily, she's a bigger tease than half the strippers at a place called Jimmy's in Huntsville, Al.
by Heywood Jablowme March 02, 2004
Smoking Crack and getting Drunk
Im Fuckin' Krunk!
by Heywood Jablowme October 31, 2003
when you fuck random people without a condom or not knowing what they have
Dan: "this bitch is mad ugly but pussy is pussy"
by heywood jablowme January 02, 2005

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