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when a person places his or her mouth on a male's reproductive organ (penis;cock;dick;gonads, etcetera) and then proceeds to suck and lick and blow in order to give the receiver pleasure.
the stupid hoe gave me a madd good blowjob last night.
by Heywood Jablomie May 28, 2005
Blowjob. sucking dick. penis loving. sausage sucking.
"Last night, I was eating the cheese."
"Last night, Shanaynay was eating the cheese."
by Heywood Jablomie November 18, 2005
Abbreviation for "Oh my God." Most commonly used online and in chat rooms. However, people who can not be bothered or are too stupid to string three words together and must use the letters instead use it in everyday life as well.
"omg last night was so f-ing cool!"
"like oh em gee did you hear that jane broke up with bob and bob is going out with jane's brother's uncle's aunt's cousin's dog's hamster's mom? like omgzs!"
by Heywood Jablomie May 28, 2005

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