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A bum, a cheap person, a low class human being, the bottom of the barrel, an inferior person.
Than Navid is a plebian, he never wants to drive because he's too cheap to waste his gasoline.
by Heywood Jablome October 16, 2003
Anal penetration with a power hose.
Jerry was hydrosodomized by Christian.
by Heywood Jablome October 21, 2003
A second class petty officer in the United States Navy. Currently attached to vp-8, AT2 Williams is known for constantly fondling other male co-workers genitals, and giving them a good "how's your father?"
"That flamer Williams just put his thumb in my ass, and gave my cock a bit of the "how's your father?"
by Heywood Jablome December 22, 2004
1. A self-loving homopappy who feels the need to promote himself on message boards and urban dictionaries

2. A lover of fattymams that inexplicably will use the term moof at times.

3. A faig.

4. The reason why NJ gets a bad rap.
If you make anymore posts about being gay, Fadilles will feel jealous.
by Heywood Jablome September 02, 2004
The stain that occurs from the reverse flow of semen and fecal matter after anal sex.
Although Sam tried everything, he was unsuccessful in removing the foul and unseemly image of the brownback upon his lower torso.
by HEYWOOD JABLOME February 12, 2015
The epitome of 1337ness. Often found moving printed paper products, or going to school in the capital of the country. Of course, one who is looking for Colin will always find him pwning T-Dawg the like.
Hey Colinnium just HS T-Dawg. LMAO!
by Heywood Jablome June 26, 2003
these tight ass pants worn by losers who try to be in a "scene" or "emo" and look like they don't bathe with their nasty nappy fro's and greasy fuck mook hair
Dan: "can ya see my balls?" Friend: "Yes and i'm such a homo that its turning me on" Dan: "word, lets bang"
by heywood jablome January 03, 2005

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