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an exclamation conveying a mixed sense of gladness and surprise over a matter of common interest between two or more people
Billy: "I just unloaded a major dump in our new bathroom!"
Tom: "Any residues?"
Billy: "Clean as a whistle"
Tom: "No Shit!"
Billy: "that's right"
by heythewhat January 03, 2012
the best of dumb
Johnny is the best one in all of his dumb class. He is the dumbest
by heythewhat January 27, 2012
a confined area filled with water in which fecal matter can be stored indefinitely
Billy: "Whoa! Dude, why's the toilet all brown and green?!"

Tom: "Oh man! I forgot to flush. This stuff been decomposing there for at least three days"

Billy: "This is one cool pool o' stool"
by heythewhat January 06, 2012
a phrase uttered by criminals just before they get arrested by a camera crew dressed as policemen
Criminal 1: "shit! the cops are here and they're coming for us!"

Criminal 2: "whatchagonnado? whatchagonnado when they come for you?"
by heythewhat January 28, 2012
The Mecca of all zits, created through the symbiosis of no less then three mega zits.
Cody used to have three mega zits right under his lower lip. They combined to create a pimple dome that now covers his entire mouth.
by heythewhat January 08, 2012
the magical land inhabited by the zurban species
Tom is in zurbania playing dungeons and dragons along with the other zurbans.
by heythewhat January 28, 2012
a style of clothing worn by students, beggars or other people on low income who wear the same clothes for an extended period of time, by the end of which their toes are sticking out their shoes and moths fly out their armpits.
"Fashion Today" ranks 'Homeless Chic' the number one trend for poor students worldwide: "Wear you clothes to the MAX!"
by heythewhat January 22, 2012

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