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3 definitions by Heymbit

An extraordinary player, an A player.
Eric pwned us all at Halo. He is a true palyer
by Heymbit March 10, 2008
5 1
Using a magnet to destroy you're harddrive in the event that the FBI, police, or anyone come to take your harddrive and use it against you in court.
Bob got caught sharing music. As the police came to arrest him, he started magnetting his harddrive, and external harddrives, so there would be less evidence against him.
by Heymbit September 25, 2007
2 3
When you stick your tongue out at someone, your tongue usually makes contact with your lips. If you pay close enough attention, and add a little air to it all, it sounds like spf, short for Spiff.
When Julie stuck her tongue out at Eric, she breathed out a bit causing a spf noise.
by Heymbit January 28, 2008
6 30