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I. (n) A physical manifestation of nine angles of brilliance converging into a being so radiant that your pigments will keep you beautifully tan the rest of your life.

II. (n) a word used at the end of bad words to emphasize a person's frustration towards something. Typically used to shoulder the blame from themselves to a fall guy
I. "You wanna go to the beach today?"

"Nah, let's go see Riles and bask in the glow of his brilliance"

II. I forgot to take the dog out so she peed on the kitchen floor! DAMMIT RILES!!
by HeyRiles May 09, 2009
(n) A combination of Xbox 360 achievements and 'just for fun,' in which you play a stupid game just because the achievements are incredibly easy to attain
I'm thinking of picking up Avatar: The Burning Earth this weekend - y'know, for the achievealulz
by HeyRiles May 30, 2009
(n) The internet rule that as a Rock Band argument gets more heated, it becomes more likely that somebody will bring up Muse. When such an event occurs, the person who brought up the band name has effectively forfeited the argument as well as his DLC request
"im sick off all this metal CRAP........when are they gonna release MUSE?"

"John Drake's Law, Trent"
by HeyRiles October 04, 2011
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