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A motion done with the hand simulating
masturbation. Instead of just conveying an
opinion of someone, it can also be used to convey
to a friend or co-worker what a complete and
utter waste of time something is (or was).
Joe: So how do feel about spending two days

preparing for a meeting and then it's cancelled?

Moe: (simultaneously rolls eyes, makes a wry face

and performs the air jerk)
by Hey Moe! July 17, 2009
Being fooled momentarily into thinking
you're having a conversation with someone
who may be looking at you, nodding, etc.,
but who is actually having a phone
conversation on wireless headset. Mutually
annoying as each party thinks the other is being rude.
Joe: I just got bluetoothed again by
the boss's secretary... I can never tell whether she's talking to me,
talking on the phone or talking to the voices in her head...

Moe: Ha ha, I carry a pad and paper deaf-mute style to communicate in the office any more...
by Hey Moe! May 16, 2009
Similar to Finger Pointing. A knee-jerk reaction to assign
blame to someone in a team setting for a series
of mistakes, unmet goals, etc. that cause a serious
failure. Once the Blame Gun has been pointed
and fired, the victim may be let go, written up, demoted,
shunned, etc. Ironically, often times the shooter is as
much to blame for a failure as the victim.
Joe : "I bet somebody's gonna get sacked for losing

that big account."

Moe: "The boss pointed the Blame Gun at me, but

I convinced him it was Fred's fault, so Fred

got shot instead."

Joe : "Well played."
by Hey Moe! June 03, 2009

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