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A kids' tv show involving plastic-surgery freaks singing and telling stories.
Hi-5 in the house, yeah yeah, boom boom
by Hey January 13, 2005
An overly loose vagina. like the one your mum has. all saggy and flappy commonly known to hang around the ankles.
"flip flop flap" that's her bucket flange slapping against the inside of her knees
by Hey January 11, 2004
the COOLEST kid on the planet. Whenever a Mahizzle walks in the room you got to be quiet and salute him by yelling, "MAHIZZLE!" But don't do it in Mr. Chapple's class, he doesn't understand it.
Person #1: Mahizzles MY best friend.
Person #2: No he's MY best friend!

(in the background, "Everyone, Mahizzle's coming!)

Mahizzle enters the room.

Everyone: "MAHIZZLE!"
This of course is taking place NOT in Mr. Chapple's room
by hey March 13, 2005
a threat/warning
i'll LICK ur fuckin nutz off and attach them to ur toes
by hey October 05, 2003
cali- da (chinese for girl nerd)

1. a girl described as one who likes to study

2. someone who dates hot nerds

3. a tall woman
hey calida, why you dating point dexter?
by hey December 01, 2004
obsessing over a band, but then denying it.
S: "no... I don't like Good Charlotte... i swear!"
by hey December 14, 2003
The biggest pimp ever....10 inch penis...asian jacked and loves pootie tang
DSG 1: HEY SALLY i ------ tommy lee last night...
by hey March 03, 2005

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