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3 definitions by Hessay

The piece of skin between a mans rectum and testicles
Fuck me! my spam banjo's itching like fuck after a night with the local slag!
by Hessay April 15, 2003
Ie the ugly fuck in the film Goonies , A fat ponsing fuck who borrows quality porn, and never returns it, who lives in council accomodation with his equally ugly missus and kids
That Kevin George from Dagenham the cauliflowered eared mother fucker can only get it up whilst watching banned horror films with his Mum,the Norman Bates doppelganger
by Hessay April 15, 2003
A nonse with an unerving grin
look at that cunt, he's got a paedosmile, he needs fucking hanging!
by Hessay April 15, 2003