2 definitions by Hesher123

When you go out on a Friday night and don't stop partying until Sunday.

This is when a weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) all run into one day.
Jim was so hung over on Monday morning after his Fradurunday weekend!

Gina had another Fradurunday and can't remember how she got home!
by Hesher123 August 20, 2010
This is when you have fun being evil to others.

This is when you think you are being funny towards a person or people, but the person or persons thinks you are being evil.
Jim was totally funevil last night and pissing everyone off while he was drunk and laughing!

Jill came buy and thought it would be funevil to let her dogito crap on my floor!
by Hesher123 December 27, 2010

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