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The excessively wide space between a woman's breasts, indicating a poorly executed breast enlargement procedure. Ideal breast cleavage is minimal, so any woman showing off a pair of huge, spherical, gravity-defying boobs that have an inch or more of space between them arguably deserves a refund from her plastic surgeon.
That cougar was totally hitting on me, but I was too weirded out by her refund gap to take her seriously.
by Hesby April 07, 2008
To be extremely lucky, either by escaping an otherwise gruesome fate, or by living an easy life.

"Horseshoe up his ass" has the same meaning for a man.
If Paris Hilton didn't have a horseshoe up her ass, she'd be just another crackwhore on Skid Row.
by hesby August 27, 2009
A Japanese term describing the picking of earwax out of the ears, or various small implements designed to assist with human earwax removal. Mimikaki services can be purchased in many Japanese establishments that offer massage and other grooming services. As with practically every aspect of Japanese culture, mimikaki is often fetishized.
I asked for bukkake, but it cost too much, so I settled for mimikaki instead.
by Hesby May 12, 2006

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