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Traditional, Renaissance-Goth spelling. The way someone of “True-Goth” bloodline would and should spell “gothic”. Despite sounding French it is only spelt in the French manor because of the European origins of the “gothic” subculture, it also gives it a mid-European royal sound to the word.
You, my dear are the pure essence of gothique beauty.
by Herwoyn Beck December 25, 2004
To run away from or intentionally avoid.
quick and unnoticed escape, a trick usually done between a group of friends to an individual as a joke.
1) What did you skank off for?
2) You just skanked me for no reason.
3) What you doing skanking off like that?
by Herwoyn Beck December 25, 2004
something you call someone who is agruing about a point you allready know the factual answer to.
"like the president of the UK"
"It's prime-minister you nerner"
by Herwoyn Beck December 25, 2004
the loser of an argument or a heated dissgusion if clearly in the wrong upon their realisation is considered "slayed".
"It's like that film snow white and the 6 dwarfs"
"...you mean 7 dwarfs?"
--*so on and so on*--
"oh no...you're right it was 7"
"...slayed, seriously slayed" <shakes head>
by Herwoyn Beck December 25, 2004

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