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When a woman has big, yet nice firm breasts.
"Holy Cow! Hey Kyle, get a load of those dupets!"
by Hertz June 14, 2007
Water that is in a can.
"Yo Blood, pass me some of that canned water, im really thirsty!"
by Hertz June 12, 2007
A nerd, or a geek who spends more than half of their day on the computer.
"Hey you fucking badone, get off the computer and give others a chance you bitch!"
by Hertz June 12, 2007
When you shake your face really face and try to talk you emit a libolo. Orginated from Christopher Columbus Doodle McDoodleson McCleary.
"I was doing the libolo on my girlfriend's vagina and she loved it!"
by Hertz June 12, 2007
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