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A guy who is really cool and is totally down with the baddest shit. Everyone wants to be the Hershman and only the coolest kids can hang out with Hershman.
That dude is so fly hes a total Hershman!
by Hershman July 18, 2008
1. A sexual slur used against homosexual's. In the dark ages if you were gay people would try to burn you alive.
2. The true meaning of the word is a bundle of sticks or wood used in a fire. However because homosexuals used to get burned alive people started to refer to them as faggots.
3. Today the word is being incorrectly used to put down people for being stupid or acting foolish.
1. Q. "Is Tom gay?"
A. "Ya, what a faggot!"

2. Q. "Do you want to start a bond fire tonight?"
A. "Sounds good to me I'll go get some faggots"

3. Q. "1+1=1 right?"
A. "No you faggot 1+1=2"

by Hershman July 18, 2008

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