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16 definitions by Herschel Quintron

Pete Yorn's debut album. Lame people (usually chicks) listen to this the morning after they lose their virginity. The title is very poignant, especially if it's a girl who didn't get laid until she was twenty. Something about sore crotch, bloody sheets, and wuss rock all go together quite well

ps. Why is it all one word. What a douche
"Damn, put Musicforthemorning after on. I just total got nailed by some stranger who lives two floors down."
by Herschel Quintron December 29, 2003
6 5
professional pornography featuring doughy studs to help the average home viewer "project"
i know an sb director who'd think you were pretty easy on the eyes
by herschel quintron June 19, 2005
5 5
el dorado. the car. that's it
seriously. the car. that's it... ass
by herschel quintron March 16, 2005
7 9
When a chick lays on a Lazy Susan or some other kind of turn table and goes around in a cycle getting fucked by six dudes (usually Jewish dudes)
"I was getting a lot of kosher beef in the ol' Star of David last night. Boy howdy."
by Herschel Quintron December 29, 2003
31 33
Sex when one or both partners have a gun held to their head by the other partner.
Nailgunnin' on a friday night, ALRIGHT!
by Herschel Quintron December 29, 2003
11 14
Sucking a dick while eating a corndog. This can be dangerous because you might forget which is which and bite the guy's dick or dip it in mustard or something like that.
"That trannie was double doggin' me. But when she finished she stuck the corndog stick up my dick hole. Major weak sauce."
by Herschel Quintron December 29, 2003
7 16
When a collection of mix tapes are put together and then distributed to others. The object of this is for emo kids to meet each other through this pussy method of introduction.
After I heard his mix tape for the emo secret santa project I totally wanted to slober on his bone. DAAAMN.
by Herschel Quintron December 29, 2003
26 37