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A delicious carbonated beverage that, despite its discount price, gets a bad rap due to its popularization by the Juggalo scourge.
Man, this sucks. I really like grape Faygo, but I can't even look at the stuff in the supermarket without somebody asking me if I'm 'down wif da clown'.
#faygo #delicious #fuck juggalos #low price #awesome
by Herpedsohardyouderp April 14, 2011
A sane, productive member of society who deals with their problems rather than sit around and complain about how the man is keeping them down.

Juggalo Haters tend to have decent taste in music; music with well-thought out, meaningful lyrics and melodies. This typically accompanies positive messages therein. In addition to their superior musical preferences, haters also tend to have well-paying jobs (lawyers, doctors, politicians, ect.) because they decided it would be prudent to do their work in school and apply themselves in life. Haters also typically make it a point to avoid trouble with the law.

Contrary to Juggalos, Juggalo Haters embrace education, intelligence, literacy, and rational thought processes. Haters can also distinguish between a hatchet and a meat cleaver.
Juggalo Hater: Nice meat cleaver, man! I've been looking everywhere for one like that!

Juggalo gets belligerent at this statement and calls his nearby friends to help him jump the hater because everyone knows Juggalos can't fight one-on-one. Juggalo Hater gets badly beaten, hit with meat cleaver, and is left for dead. Hater is a doctor and so he is able to stabilize the wound after the Juggalos leave until help arrives. Juggalo Hater survives and hires a Juggalo Hater lawyer, pressing charges for multiple felonious offenses. Juggalos get sent to prison.

Juggalos: :(

Juggalo Hater: :D

Juggalo Hater goes on to live a full, successful life while the Juggalos rot in prison and become Bubba's new favorite fuckdoll.
#juggalo #hater #respectable #sane #successful
by Herpedsohardyouderp April 14, 2011
The last great Halo game.

Also known as the beginning of Bungie's spiraling decline into becoming a shit-tier game developer.
I really wish Bungie hadn't shut down the Xbox Live servers for Halo 2. I'd still be playing it over the steaming piles of shit they've put out over the last few years.
#bungie #halo 2 #halo2 #awesome #reach sucks
by Herpedsohardyouderp April 14, 2011
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