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3 definitions by Hero6453

Distant members of your family that you dont talk to often because the relative linking you to them passed away.
Mike: Are you related to Sarah? She has the same last name as you.

Tim: Yes, but she's just a severed tail. I might have actually talked to her once.
by Hero6453 April 23, 2011
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When somebody has a better way of doing something, better method, they have Methority.
This guy at work tells me what to do and i hate it, but he has methority over me cause he really knows what he is doing
by Hero6453 August 24, 2007
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Making an update on twitter using more than one of the trendy topics listed on the side of the page in order to get more followers.
"I stopped following xxLOVEx21xx because all she does is trend drop on twitter"
by Hero6453 May 08, 2009
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