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ho-SHIN HOOCH-ee –noun

A class of female currently residing in Terre Haute, Indiana, usually between the ages of 16 and 24. They can be identified by their enthusiastic use of facial cosmetics, skin which is tanned to an excessive degree, and an IQ approximately equal to that of the Hexaprotodon Liberiensis, otherwise known as the Pygmy Hippopotamus.

(Note: Upon exceeding their expiration date, the female will increase in bodily volume at an exponential rate.)
Mark: "Dude! check out the basket of buns at 2 o'clock"

Winston: "The specimen in question appears to be a Hautian Hoochie. I would advise the classic 'Pump then Jump' maneuver."
by Hero523 August 03, 2007
shahr-puhn-burg - noun

The origin of man untethered by the social constraints of decency and their weaker brethren and the residence of its keepers.
Mark: "Did you see Scharpenberg 4 after dinner last night? I hear that they put on sunglasses after leaving the building."

Winston: "Of course, haven't you heard? The sun never sets on a badass and no one has shit on them."
by Hero523 January 19, 2009
lahy-ting tit-ees uhp -verb

A total eclipse of one's manhood in such a way as to cause the spontaneous combustion of one's titties.
Matt: "Lambda Tau Upsilon just dominated me and the rest of Mees at life."

Winston: "I do believe that you just got your titties lit up by the excellent male specimens of Scharpenberg 4. In fact, I think they will continue lighting titties up for all eternity."
by Hero523 January 19, 2009

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