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A phrase stated after a questionable remark intended to clear the sayer of being a pedophile.
"Man, Stephanie from LazyTown is so hot. Her pink hair and innocence really intrigue me. No pedo."
#no pedo #pedo #pedophile #not a pedophile #child porn #pederast
by Hernando Potér January 04, 2006
A midget that one brings to raucous, frat-like parties in order to entertain large crowds with its novelty value.
"Man, I can't believe Jason brought the party midget to Downtime! This place is totally bumpin' now!"
by Hernando Potér August 24, 2005
When a male pulls his pockets inside out and unzips his fly and takes out his penis.
"Man, Bennett totally just did the party elephant! He is a real winner!"
by Hernando Potér August 24, 2005
A country formed when a land bridge between Mexico and China formed during the second century. ChiMexico's indigenous people are known for their delicious cuisine, a cross between both native country's wonderful culinary delights. ChiMexico suffered turmoil in the late 19th century when the United States colonized it, forcing ChiMexican farmers to plant cash crops and stealing ChiMexican women, lowering the birth rate. This was a blow to ChiMexican culture as American values were pushed, but fortunately the indigenous people of ChiMexico were able to retain their value system. Today, ChiMexico is one of the chief exporters of transistors.
"ChiMexico, ChiMexico Über Alles!" - The ChiMexican National Anthem.
#chimexico #chimexican #chimexicans #child porn #chimexiculture
by Hernando Potér December 30, 2005
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