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Considered by many to be a disgrace to the English language yet by others, a convenient way of symplifying sentences. A method of shortening words devised by countless web- surfers. Chatspeak is a whole language in itself, and new terms are constantly being added to it. Often, symbols are used in chatspeak. (!@#$%^&*... etc.) Is proven to degrade a person's English use and be a complete waste of time.

SYNONYMS: MSN-speak/ AIM-speak/ Chatroom- abbreviations
ANTONYMS: Correct English Grammar
RELATED WORDS: look at synonyms
CHATSPEAK-USER: Yo Yo Yo Lyk, O/\/\G the 0T|-|3R d@y I woz lyk pwning these /\/00Bs. LMFAO. I s3d u suX & u shud go 2 h3LL & di. ROFL.

NORMAL-PERSON: What are you saying? Repeat that in English please.

CHATSPEAK-USER: O/\/\G th@t IS N-glISH. R U, lyk fR3/\/(H dOOd?

NORMAL-PERSON: Well I have to go. I'll talk to you later - not!
by Hermione December 07, 2005
Any cool person with a name that starts with Char and that is your friend, see dawg and dogg. Replaces their regular name.
Yo, Char-dawg, what chu doing today?
by hermione November 20, 2003

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