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An up and coming Bay Area Rapper. Born and Raised in the Bay, Herminology brings all styles to the table with Riele and unsuspecting lyrics. For more information, please see www.myspace.com/bigherm925.
"...ya its ya boy Herminology wit Case Cus Cus and D-MO da Uppsta, ya got Tone Greene keepin it clean, and the produca is Mr.Gouda..."
by Herminology March 27, 2008
term used to describe Norco pills in yellow form. A controlled substance, "Chickens" is often used to code conversation of the illegal distribution.

The terms is relevant to the yellow color of baby chicks.
"eh cuz, you got any chickens, my back hurtin like a muh fucka"
by Herminology May 30, 2008

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