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the traces of blood left on the toilet roll after taking a J. Crump. Usually indcative of piles.
that turd felt like it came out sideways- there was bum jam all over the bog roll
by Herman Dogg December 18, 2003
When skinning up, the act of putting both weed and hash in the same joint.
oi, chief. Make that Jimminy biff a first to bassett
by Herman Dogg December 19, 2003
To be twice as strong.
In particular, refers to acid that has been 'double dipped', however can also be used to describe a range of potent substances/activities/ people etc

See also fat old boy.
Welsh dealer at Glastonbury: "look 'ere boyo, go easy with that- it's double dipped."
by Herman Dogg December 22, 2003
Used to describe a situation where the usual rules of attraction no longer apply. Standards are lowered in order to accomadate the less appealing.
Particularly in the workplace, where a 38 year old divorced mother of two on the end of the production line stacking boxes can appear pretty tidy.
H.D:"that bird you pulled last night was a bit shabby rtj."

rtj:"yeah, I was playing by Roussel rules."
by Herman Dogg December 22, 2003
female genitalia
after six bacardi breezers she got her rat out
by Herman Dogg December 19, 2003
A term used in reference to time keeping, derived from the espression early doors. See also early barnes.
Easy chief, what doors are you on?
I'm on a Sheena today.
by Herman Dogg December 19, 2003

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