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Soap operas for guys.

Usually includes overly-busty women, placed in roles under super-powered roid-raging men with deep voices and capes.

Usually includes one or more love interest.

Just like soap operas, every single noun in the book counts as a 'device plot', including the characters, the love interests, and all other types of personalities.

All writers and artists in major comic books can be accurately referred to as 'boner-inducers', since 99% of what they do with the female characters is designed to get readers hard. Whether it's having ultra-revealing or skin-tight clothing on the women, or making two women kiss during the comic, you can count on them breaking the 'continuity' of the whole thing just to get guys hard.

One of the earliest examples of domestic porn.
Women have soap opera, men have comic books.
by Here's a Guy! January 10, 2010

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