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Defecation occuring shortly after the consumption of a Chipotle burrito. Chipoops are recognizable from other feces by their distinct odor, size, and presence of corn.
I laid a killer chipoop after lunch yesterday.
by Herdman August 06, 2007
To take a bong hit from a gravity bong.
-Yo man, you down for some bongloids after work?

-Does the pope shit in the woods?
by Herdman November 10, 2009
Refers to a type of blunt rolled full of marijuana. You still use a cigar, or dutch to role it, but instead of unwrapping the leaf and splitting it in half, you dump the tobacco out and re-fill it with marijuana. To do this, you must twist the cigar back and forth between your fingers until the tobacco loosens up and starts to fall out. Once you have emptied the blunt guts, you replace it with marijuana. A ghatti uses much more marijuana than a normal blunt, usually about 1/8 ounce is enough, but it has the potential to fit up to 1/4 ounce. Usually reserved for special occasions.
I just got an A in Philosophy, lets celebrate by rolling a Ghatti.
by Herdman February 10, 2007
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