1867 definitions by Hercolena Oliver

Process of a website appearing as visible on a computer screen.
Wait while the website is loading.
by Hercolena Oliver August 29, 2008
Listening in on conversation
Hoo's gonna eavesdrop on d l8test gossip den?
by Hercolena Oliver September 07, 2009
Endeavor, attempt
He who loves God so God will love and manifest Himself in his endeavour.
Goodness shall follow me all the days of my life's endeavour.
Instead endeavour to brighten the lives of others as Moses in the reeds.

Do not do gross misrepresentation as an endeavour.
by Hercolena Oliver August 24, 2009
How are you
Just askin' how do you do.
by Hercolena Oliver August 23, 2009
Mirror or reflective medium
Reflected reality in a looking glass is not unlike virtual reality in cyber space.
by Hercolena Oliver November 07, 2008
Savior, Jesus who saved you from your sins
Besides the Lord there is no Saviour.
Believe in all your heart in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour
Surrender to Jesus your Saviour and Lord in all His splendour.
Surpass power, be empowered by your Saviour.
Advance quickly, towards your Saviour.
Develop appreciation for your Saviour.
by Hercolena Oliver August 24, 2009
Being visibly excited
All's agog about the latest fad.
by Hercolena Oliver December 19, 2008

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